About Durex condoms

Durex (DUrability, REliability, eXcellence), is world known. The brand is actually owned by the brittish company SSL International, which also owns Scholl (shoes). Durex is a huge player and is able to maintain their great market position despite their relatively high condom prices. With brands like  Ribs, Thins and Performa and fans around the world they will continue to protect the human race.

The condoms

The brittish condoms are so well known that a description is'nt necessary. However, it is interesting that Performa, which contains benzocaine thus allows one to make love longer, is doing amazingly good (what does that tell?). Durex has however got some new competition on home ground. The competitor is Pasante which uses a similar profiling/packaing and has equally wide assortment.

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